Take a look at this… Impressive, no?



I dont think this video really shows that much of an advantage for the electric dirt bike as it may seem, electric bikes have great torque so they are quite good off the line, but the main reason he get ahead at the start is he sets off from the side where the surface is not all chewed up plus the race is an engine off start so he does not have to kick or starter it and dump the clutch. My guess is he is a smart rider with some semi pro experience as he picks really good lines. Next he catches up with the stragglers of a large group that are only 1 min ahead, they are the worse riders of that group that he is catching (some are falling over for almost no reason, no one is spinning the rear wheel, they are mainly crossrutted wallys), and he is good and has a 50 yard lead on the rest of his group. Plus in that slop his lightness is the real technical advantage So i think what we are seeing is a good rider, on a light bike using the verge to get some traction and a small lead and then catching some poor riders, i think in pool they call this a ringer.

I like electric bikes but this video is sort of a trick…. that said if they would not run out of power after only 1 hour and sound like a washing machine on spin i would get one tomorrow, they are responsive, light n fast, do not stink, cost 40p to fill up, nothing to tax, and only need a jet wash now and then as maintenance.zero motocross