I have repeatedly heard great things about these tyres but can it really be possible?

I have been trying tyres my whole life, every time I am told that a new tyre can do this or that, ¬†being an excitable type, I again and again fall for the hype and end up paying the premium price for the latest greatest offering, mainly served up by the publicity machine of one of the big three tyre makers. And invariably I find some time later; that the actual improvement is so slight if not just plain imaginary, that maybe what I was doing before was right… i.e. buy the cheapest rubber I can find and change more often, because as we were all taught “a cheap new sharp tyre is better than a high quality part worn one” but how accurate is that these days? Has technology really been almost still for 20 years? Or are we just being fed a line by big business? Shareholders that run the businesses that need us to change our tyres as often as we can afford to?

But if there was a better way, every tyre manufacture must already know about it, and why in a competitive market would non of them break ranks and start to just make better tyres if it were really possible…

Anyway sooner or later I get curious and find myself back looking at and trying some new super hoops again (now with expensive mouses being part of the list of “must haves” too). The problem with this cycle of cheap and pricey tyres in my long off road experience; is that from time to time a company comes along that gets the off road world quietly talking to each other in the pits, something really good that does not have the big publicity but gets popular by being better or cheaper or both. Golden Tyre has been doing just that… And i have to say that in my busy life and cynical disposition I just filed these reports as…. “unproven” think about this some other time when I have time, and who ever has time?

The final part of the puzzle, for me, was at the press day of dirt bike show in coventry a few weeks back: wandering around at the end of a long day of meetings I was lucky enough to have the youngest PR-man I have ever met explain the main points of Golden Tyre in a very honest and surprisingly technical way. I came away thinking if this company can just let an (under 14?)  youth rider give his honest opinion to the press they must have something pretty good to sell or at least nothing to hide.

So when I got back to Dark Horse HQ I sat by the phone and asked around in ernest; and repeatedly heard the same good things about Golden tyres’ enduro offerings from some fairly reliable riders, a mechanic and a racer. I think it is time to get back on wagon and see for myself how well these feel and last. I will keep you posted here…


I took these pictures at the show: As the thing that impressed me was the basic mould accuracy, it seemed to show quite an attention to detail in the manufacture, sometimes it is worth considering the small details when trusting your life and your race position to a “new” tyre brand, I have had some Michelins recently that were almost a joke, they looked like the mould had not been closed properly when they were made, it might have a minimal effect on the tyre grip but it looked terrible and did not really fill me with confidence. As is very clear to see Golden tyres QC and detail looks excellent.