I have had a great number of boots – so many makes and types I can hardly recall the bad ones, though i do remember the rides that were spoiled by poor boots. In an area that is of such critical importance to your riding, comfort and well being – you want the best boots you can find, trust the old soldiers on that one.

Boots can let you down in so many damn ways it would take a whole website to discus them all. I think all I need to say is when a boot is really great, you ride all day and do not think about it, you walk away from spills and never consider that in a lesser boot you would be limping, you just walk away and thats it.  You just change up gear with out a thought for how big the toe box might be. You can feel the rear brake locking on and the point where the pedal separates from the sole, but you can’t feel a sharp jolt though the pegs in your knees the next day, job done. They come on and off in a second and nothing breaks off or comes undone in a big spill or a rip though a thick bush. They are not too hot or too cold what ever the weather, they do not let in water though a river crossing or feel wet when you sweat in them all day.

I have tried them all and I have only found one boot that is that easy to forget. I will recommend them to anyone, everyone, everytime – the Gaerne SG12 even at £400 they are worth twice that amount, when 70% of the boots out there are just not worth the bother even if they came free— Still if you are on a hard luck budget do not buy low quality boots for god sake, get some used SG10s off ebay, they will be cheap as chips, (after all who wants to buy someone else’s smeggy old MX boots?) But they will not smell at all as they are made of the best leather money can buy and will probably be in pretty good condition as they last forever.