I had a pair of these, they seem to be made of some sort of very dark cheese, they grip very well but for my money are not even the best in that area. Very soft/sticky compounds improve grip on dry asphalt, but off road especially is sloppy conditions they lack what the yanks call “hook up” especially when they are a little worn (i.e. after 6 mins!). That’s when when the knobblies on the tyre stick into the mud or whatever and claw you along, for that you need, sharp “new” tyres. I suggest you try a few different ones that other people suggest and see how you get on, only takes a few months and you have been though every tyre type out there and you will know what works for your ride style and local conditions, some will cost as much as 50% more than others but they are all “around” the same price. Two things are obvious to me, summer and winter green laneing need different tyres and Pirelli make the best tyres for the best balance of grip/feel/wear (but they have some negatives, they generally cost more are buggers to get on and they are a little more fussy that most about tyre pressure). Everyone will tell you something different, that should tell you something already!

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