I met a knowledgeable guy who works in the insurance biz the other evening and he told me that the information in this post (below) is total rubbish, utterly incorrect and not even fit for conspiracy theory category, I am sorry if i wasted anyones time reading this drivel, I fell for it like a sucker!  I will leave it here so if anyone tells you the same story you can tell them they are full of bullsh*t. It goes to show you can’t and should not believe stuff you find on the internet.



How can you find cheap motorcycle insurance? Move to Germany or Italy.


Lets face it, we are being screwed in the UK, the rate insurance is sort of up to the insurance companies to set at what ever they like, seems a crap rule… but once apone a time, if you looked around you would find one decent company and pay a fair premium. Now it is like they are all together playing big time crooks, either the premiums are 6 time what they are paying out a year and they regularly get out of honouring claims on tiny details. We all know a story of someone who did not get paid by an insurance company over a small point. About 3 percent of all claims are not paid, they work this into their calculations of what they will be do next year. If the insurance companies have a rough year of big natural disasters, shipping losses, tornados or city f*ckups, then motor premiums start to climb and can’t pay motoring claims percentage goes right up, the next year. Funny that.

I found this explanation:

“You can blame the new Yorker Larry Silverstein, he acquired the right to manage the twin towers in July 2001 and took out a new $3.6 billion dollar insurance policy (ten times more than the one before) with Lloyds of London. (i think i see this one coming) Tragically in September 2001 two planes hit the two towers, his lawyers claimed that it is two separate disasters and they can claim the full amount twice. He is getting $7 200 000 000…. Lloyds have admitted they ****ed up and have only one cash cow to save themselves for going under – the british motorist – Insurance in Germany, France and Italy cost much less than half what it does in the UK, like for like, even though there are more payouts in italy and france…”

something tells me there is no love here at all, we are just getting …


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