I loved this shit bike….as rubbish off road as on, but somehow I never got hurt on it however many times I came off, probably because it was only about 1m tall….I took this sexy black beast apart and put it back together again at least 4 times, down to the last woodruff. Never had a penny for a professional mechanic to look at it, so did all the work with a very dirty Haynes manual on the floor. Got fairly confident and even raised the compression by taping a sheet 100-grit emery paper to the sitting room glass table top and slowly rubbing the head down on it, as strait as possible, while watching “the young ones” on TV, I was using Vimto or Dr pepper for wetting as I was too lazy to get a pint of water.

The best zero cost service trick i discovered was putting the exhaust on a bonfire to turn the sludge in the exhaust into dry carbon and then filling it with gravel and shaking it clean. Got almost 70mph out of it once…..


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