No of corse they do not,  but if you were going to have a Sunday mistress who would you ride? Bridget Jones or Megan Fox?

The Serow is a proper go anywhere indestructible little goat. I had a ride on one over ten years ago, ace little bike, it is a brilliant design solution that people seem to have forgot, light, linked suspension, smooth powered bike, that is very easy to ride almost anywhere… they are a real giant killer in tricky going. Most full blown enduro riders would get a shock riding one of these over chapel in the peaks. I often think modern enduro bikes take too much trick engineering strait from motocross, and most of us buy our bikes to look like enduro gods (i know i did) when in truth the Yamaha Serow might be the right bike for 98% of what we do.


Another bike that takes the Serow concept to its modern conclusion is the amazing little Beta Alp4, that thing is the ultimate little giant killer. It is a trials bike in sheep’s clothing, I had a mate in Italy with a WR 450 who had rode tons of MX as a kid and has a book shelf full of cups. He bought a little Beta alp for his tiny (scottish) wife so she could just ride around with him in the mountains in the summer. After a couple of rides she was quite able to make him and his mates look stupid going up steep river beds etc he was quite proud of her and bought her a Suzuki 350 which she was shit on. (i think that sort of secretly made him happy as he was a bad loser to say the least)


Off road, small and light is good… big and heavy is hard. The huge suspension travel of modern enduro bikes is great for jumping but be honest: often our bike feel very over sprung and very tall when ever things get tricky. Off road you can only use 15 bhp, the rest of the power is just trouble or silly fun. I can’t argue that the Serow / Alp type bike is a very good solution to my real world sunday riding situations.


….NUFF said about these

well just one more sentence…

Trouble is they just do not look very sexy to me.

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